private mentoring

This service addresses those who want to really learn how to trade.

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Of course it is easier to take trading signals from somebody and based on other people’s strategies and analysis, but what about learning for yourself? What about learning to do your own analysis and in this way you will be subject to your own decision? Well, if feeling it is time to really invest in something, then this is definitely for you. It is time to invest in your trading education.

  • the coaching will take place in the form of individual webinars, hosted by @capital_fx
  • it will be a private session, only the moderator and the client;
  • duration of Private Mentoring will be for 6 months, 2 hours a day, 3 days a week;
  • webinars will be held at a convenient time for both parties, to be established by mutual consent; weekends can also be used;

Follow Through Program

This program is dedicated to those leaving the Private Mentoring;

Structure of the Private Mentoring program will be as follows:

  • first sessions will have the purpose of identifying the clients knowledge about trading the forex markets, indicators, brokers, etc;
  • once these established, we'll go through various processes and informational steps that help a trader spot the good trades from the bad ones;
  • next we'll go through clear setups, based on historical and actual price data, as well as strategies that can be used on a day-to-day basis;
  • we'll cover different indicators and modify them to suit an intraday trader's needs;
  • we'll cover fundamentals that influence trading conditions; given that the Private Mentoring program takes place over a six month period, you'll see fundamentals really influence things;
  • we'll cover psychology and the importance of human nature in trading;
  • we'll study different “price formations” and what do they mean for a trader;
  • we'll make top/down analysis/bottom/up analysis on monthly, weekly, daily, 4h, 1h, and 5 min charts;
  • we'll go through different trading theories (Elliott waves, Gann, Murrey, Pitchfork, etc) and pick the best out of each;
  • we'll teach you a few practical tricks to make your life easier when trading;
  • we'll cover different brokers, trading platforms, etc.
  • Real Success Stories From Real People:


    Enjoying the ride with you!!.. profits in the house!! Congratulations!!!!!!! Congratulations for this amazing performance!!! Enjoying every Pip of it!!. Hope to keep learning day by day!! Great work!

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