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Capital Properties FX is one of the leaders in the Forex swing trading industry for retail traders. Our FX signals use Elliott Waves analysis on major currency pairs. Moreover, they incorporate price and time into a forecast. The main task is to profit from market swings. On top of that, we offer Forex training for a better understanding of currency markets. We exceeded 640% rate of return for our clients in 49 months. Come and trade our Forex signals as they are unique in every way.
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Elliott Waves
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Technical Analysis

Throughout time, one trading theory has proved its value: the Elliott Wave Theory. Trading changed together with humanity. Humans no longer lead financial transactions. Robots do. Moreover, execution became essential for profitability. But the Elliott Wave Theory not only survived the test of time. It proves that humans don’t change. At least, human nature won’t... View Article

key benefits:
  • Get familiar with Forex trading strategies that work (Elliott Waves, Pitchfork, Gartley, etc.)
  • Technical setups are visible, good enough for Forex training.
  • Price and time in Forex trading.
  • Clear entry/exit levels for forex swing trading.
  • Part of Forex training.
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Fundamental Analysis

The currency market moves for a reason. While technical analysis gives the direction, fundamental Forex news gives the impulse. This article intends to provide a few Forex trading tips the retail trader can use in any given trading week. Since the Nixon shock in the 1970’s, the currency market moved freely. At least, that was... View Article

key benefits:
  • Interpreting economic releases to generate Forex signals.
  • Showing you what to expect from the upcoming news, economic data, press conferences, interest rate decisions, etc.
  • Filtering the information and using exactly what matters for fx signals.
  • Blog that keeps you updated with the latest Forex news.
  • Part of Forex trading training.
  • Forex signals pricing here!

Private mentoring

This service addresses those who want to really learn how to trade. Of course it is easier to take trading signals from somebody and based on other people’s strategies and analysis, but what about learning for yourself? What about learning to do your own analysis...

key benefits:
  • Six months Forex trading course.
  • 6 months, 2 hours a day, 3 days a week - Forex training.
  • One - on - one personal forex coaching.
  • In-depth price and time with Elliott Waves theory.
  • Forex signals based on market psychology.
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Mircea Vasiu Teaches Forex

Forex Mentoring Follow Through

This program addresses those leaving the Forex mentoring program. Designed by Mircea Vasiu, the program teaches Elliott Waves Theory on the bigger time frames, based on historical data. Mircea has an MBA in International Business from an American University, graduating Magna Cum Laude. He has been a professional retail trader for the last 9 years, teaching Forex trading when markets consolidate.

Here At Capital Properties FX, We Offer You A Unique Forex Swing Trading Service.

Our clients, from across the world, count on us to provide them with profitable forex signals as well as the education and guidance required to carry out winning trades time after time. As a reliable FX signals provider, we make sure that your Forex trading is profitable in the long run. Leave the market analysis to us; simply use our forex signals and let us giving you the best advice. You will see our Elliott Waves generated fx signals are enough to profit from Forex trading. Here at Capital Properties FX, we know exactly what traders need to win, and for that, we offer Forex training and Forex mentoring as well.
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