Forex Signals Pips Performance – 2016 First Three Quarters Detailed Performance

November 15, 2016
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The first three-quarters this year were difficult for Forex traders but Forex signals generated by Capital Properties FX managed to make some nice pips profit. While the overall performance since the service was launched is shown on the Homepage, this is the detailed transactions list:!Al62Q9XV010QgYkVlOcir1sUMnr4VQ

In other words, all the trades we took this year in the first three-quarters. We're talking about 259 trades spread over a nine-month horizon, making it for less than 30 trades on a monthly basis.

This is normal for a swing Forex trading signal service like this one is and allows all traders to get a chance to take all trades. Some will have a better entry than others, but the overall pips profit should be more or less the same.

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What Should Traders Expect?

As FX traders, making a specific number of pips profit on a monthly basis is the target, but one should not stick to it as a mandatory thing to be accomplished. If you do that, all is need is one month of wrong positioning and you're out.

The idea behind trading the forex market the way we do is to look for setups that are supposed to be validated by future price action. If the market is not doing what it was supposed to be doing, we're simply closing the trade.

This is why we rarely keep our trades until the take profit is reached, as, if no confirmation comes, we're simply close them, either with pips profit or with a loss. This is how our Forex signals work.

What all these trades are based on, is the time element: we need a confirmation in time, and this comes either from a specific pattern that needs to be followed by a market reaction in a specific amount of time or from some important fixings, etc.

All in all, time is more important than price and this is the belief that governs trading on Capital Properties FX.

First Nine Months

These three-quarters brought a lot of economic events, like the Brexit vote in June, but mainly they brought ranges. Unfortunately, these ranges were forming on the daily chart and this tells much about the fake moves that followed. Just look at the daily AUDUSD, USDCAD, EURUSD....and you'll get the idea.

Staying profitable in such an environment requires patience and discipline. We know by know patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet! If anything, this trading style suits everyone: no matter the time zone you are, it is not possible to miss our trades.

Plus, you'll learn the reasons why we trade the way we do, as Standard and Premium members have access to video analysis.

Come and join us. Technical analysis at its best:

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November 15, 2016

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