How to Reach Outstanding Forex Performance

December 29, 2016
outstanding forex performance

Outstanding Forex performance for 2016! Capital Properties FX is wrapping up the year as we're flat and going like this into 2017. It was an exciting 2016 from both a technical and fundamental point of view.

The themes of the year were the Brexit and U.S. Presidential votes, as markets traveled aggressively both before, and after the events. We nailed both events, our subscribers knowing in advance what the outcome will be. Because charts never lie!

Speaking of technical analysis, due to the two events mentioned above, the Forex market was in a range on the bigger time frames, giving lots of fake moves throughout the year.

However, we managed to make almost 30% this year. It is not like the "sultan of currencies" Lipschutz's Hathersage fund, ( ) but close enough. We're not managing institutionals, at least not now.

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Full Performance

2016 is raising our outstanding forex performance since the swing trading as launched to 534.04%. To be more exact, $5000 invested in CPFX in January 2014 is worthing now $31702. As simple as that.

outstanding forex performance

Throughout a year, there are ups and downs, which is only normal when constantly trading. What is important, is for the account to grow.

There is never a perfect time to join our service but at the start of a new year. We start fresh, as we have no open positions, and subscribers start fresh as well.

Our six months packages can be found here:

For a yearly package, just send a reply to this email and we're going to address it.

Come and join us! Technical analysis at its best!

Happy New Year and thank you for your trust.

Capital Properties FX Team

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