August 2015 Performance On Capital Properties FX

September 8, 2015

August is behind us and what a summer month it was. Not only that we broke the 1000 pips mark again, but we went almost into breaking the record for the best trading month.

We ended August with no more, no less than +1857 pips profit and ending the month with no open positions or pending orders. Below you have the breakdown of our trades, and we didn't trade much actually, as the average is less than 2 trades/day.

August 2015 performance

We recommend 0.1 lots/trade as a money management rule, but as a matter of fact, no matter the size you traded, it was impossible not to make money this August to cover both subscription as well as having a hefty profit.

Based on your feedback and reaction, I assume you enjoyed this month as much as I did.

For the rest of you, come and join us. Technical analysis at it's best. No bullshit here.

Have a great day.

Capital Properties FX Team

Capital Properties FX