GBP and UK Inflation Correlation

February 20, 2017
uk inflation

According to the Office of National Statistics, UK inflation rose to 1.8 percent in January from 1.6 percent in December. The surge was mostly caused by a lower pound and rising fuel prices. In general weaker pound is starting to affect the overall economy as input prices are moving higher.... View Article

5 Reasons Why U.S. Inflation Matters

February 14, 2017
u.s. inflation

Lack of inflation became a problem in a majority of advanced economies after the 2008 meltdown. Before that, things were rather stable. If I look at the U.S. inflation figures, then in recent history, I’d say the problem was quite the opposite. For example, back in 1979 till 1981, the... View Article

3 Reasons To Use Elliott Waves in Forex Trading

February 11, 2017
elliott waves

Trading is a difficult job and it’s not suitable for everybody. In many cases, people start looking into the markets in hopes to earn easy money. Unfortunately for them, the outcome is most likely going to be the opposite. The main reason why the opposite happens is very simple –... View Article

Brexit – Will They Do It?

February 7, 2017

The debate regarding the necessity of the European Union has been on the table for quite some time. Since the financial crisis started, that same old debate has gotten louder because Europe’s economic situation is far from its best. It’s no secret that the EU as an institution is slow... View Article

3 Fundamental Forex Signals for AUDUSD

February 5, 2017
forex signals

Aussie has been well bid for five consecutive weeks now. In the end of last year, Australian dollar dropped almost to 71 cents against the dollar. Since then, has managed to recover. As the Reserve Bank of Australia is having a meeting next week, we should look for fundamental forex... View Article

FOMC Meeting Time – What to Expect?

January 31, 2017
fomc meeting time

This week is absolutely packed with U.S. data. We have the non-farm payrolls, ISM PMI’s, average hourly earnings and plenty of secondary data releases. Even though the current week is no different compared to any other 1st week of the month, there are two exceptions. First of all, month end... View Article

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