Kiwi Dollar: What To Expect Tomorrow?

March 21, 2017
kiwi dollar

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand is about to announce its official cash rate. A majority of economists believe that the current monetary policy will remain in place. Regardless of the balanced forecast, Kiwi dollar may still see big swings as the rate statement might suggest that changes are coming.... View Article

3 Takeaways After the FOMC Statement

March 19, 2017
fomc statement

For the second time in three months and for the first time in 2017, the Federal Reserve decided to increase the federal funds rate. The rate hike was largely expected by the market participants. Hence the focus was on the FOMC statement and the press conference. The hawks were hoping... View Article

PPI in the United States – Why it Matters for FX Trading

March 14, 2017
PPI in the United States

FX market is one of the most volatile markets out there. Every day traders must look into the calendar to see what kind of data is being released and when. Some decide to trade the data-driven moves, the others do the complete opposite and reduce their exposure instead. Today, the... View Article

Conclusions After the ECB Press Conference

March 12, 2017
ecb press conference

The long awaited ECB press conference is now behind us. The market, in general, was hoping to hear a little bit more hawkish Draghi than usual. I’d say, more or less, the expectations were fulfilled and the EURUSD exchange rate confirms it. While the introductory statement was fairly bearish everything... View Article

3 Things to Watch in the NFP Report

March 7, 2017
nfp report

NFP report almost always brings a fair amount of volatility to the U.S. dollar. After the beginning of the financial crisis, job creation has been under the watchful eye of the Federal Reserve. As we all know, the FED has a dual mandate: price stability and maximum sustainable employment. Even... View Article

CAD After Bank of Canada Rate Decision

March 4, 2017
Bank of Canada rate decision

Bank of Canada rate decision was perhaps one the highlights of the previous week. In fx trading, central banks tend to have a lot of influence over the price action and it was no different this time. Canadian dollar started losing value against the U.S. dollar right at the beginning... View Article

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