German Elections and the Euro

September 22, 2013

Looking at this weekend and the German elections are the most important ones for the Eurozone. The reason for that is related to the fact that Germany under Merkel was giving a clear support for the Eurozone. However, the counterpart in these elections are not so "euro friendly" if I... View Article

Septaper or Octoper?

September 14, 2013

With summer ending and the majority of traders back from holidays, next week the all importand Fed meeting is going to bring important volatility to the markets as, no matter what you are trading, FOMC statement and Fed decision to taper or not to taper the bond buying program will... View Article

The UK Economy – Healthy Growth or Just a Trap?

September 8, 2013
UK Economy

Every major central bank in the world is engaged in some kind of easing monetary policy. As the only solution to exit the financial crises seems to be the printing money, every country does it. However, none of the developed economies sees the most incredible recovery as the UK economy.... View Article

September Tapering and the US Dollar

September 3, 2013

More than one big investment houses are calling now for the Fed starting to taper the quantitative easing program as early as the coming September. While this may be true, the real question will be how will the markets and the US dollar react to such a thing and is... View Article

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