EURUSD – Pennant Below the Bull/Bear Murrey Line

September 7, 2013
Murrey Line

The EURUSD pair forms a possible pennant right below the all-important bull/bear Murrey line. The blue line there acts as a key area and a break below/above is possible. The focus shifts now on the pennant's measured move, If the price reaches the measured move, the Murrey line will go... View Article

EURAUD – Watching a Possible Bounce

September 5, 2013

Even though there is no alternation between the second and fourth wave in terms of price structure, they do alternate in time and severity of the move. Therefore, the principle of alternation is respected. Hence, strong bouncing potential here

EURCAD – Piercing the 1-3 Trend Line

September 5, 2013
1-3 Trend Line

The chart above shows a possible ending diagonal and such patterns travel in five waves. But corrective waves are either simple or complex corrections. They also travel between the 1-3 trend line and the 2-4 one. Moreover, it is typical for such a move to pierce the upper trend line.... View Article

EURUSD – Possible Zigzag on the Hourly Chart

September 2, 2013
Possible Zigzag

As the name suggests a possible zigzag forms for the second correction on the EURUSD pair. The analysis shows you what to consider when dealing with a possible zigzag. What is a Zigzag? A zigzag is a corrective pattern. And, the key when looking at such a pattern is to... View Article

GBPUSD – Double Three Running

August 31, 2013
GBPUSD Double Three Running

This four-hour chart on the GBPUSD pair comes in line with what the EURUSD does. Both pairs form the same pattern, a double three running. For this reason, we look for cable to break to the upside too. Details on the GBPUSD Double Three Running Pattern Looking at the price... View Article

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