Elliott Wave Theory Predictions – trading wisdom unveiled

September 19, 2016
Elliott Wave Theory Predictions

Let me start with something that probably all of you, traders or wannabe traders, know.  Or, at least you should know by now: there is no holy grail in trading. However, using Elliott Wave Theory predictions, we managed a substantial performance. It doesn't really matter what you use: fundamental or... View Article

July 2016 FX Performance

August 13, 2016

Hi there, We had a terrible June this year. Absolutely. It was not the first time, and probably will not be the last time either. I mean, this is trading: it goes like life goes, with its ups and downs, its good and bad ones, etc. There's no secret ingredient... View Article

Bought AUDUSD After Brexit

July 17, 2016

Yes, we ended up buying AUDUSD after the Brexit mess as our subscribers know we're trading on the technical side more than on the fundamental one, in the sense that technical analysis shows the way, while fundamentals represent the reason why market is moving. The chart above was part of... View Article

How One of Our Analysis is Looking Like

April 16, 2016

Hi there, Below is a sample of how one of our recommendations is looking like, in this case it was the AUDUSD: All of them contain the entry, stop loss and target and by the time a trade is issued, we announce on Twitter @capital_fx something like: "check your emails,... View Article

Q1 2016 Performance on Capital Properties FX

April 3, 2016

Hi there, First quarter of the year is behind us now and we're proud to say we did it again. Not only that we didn't lose money on any of the three months, but we made some handsome profits: +1780 pips, which averages +593 pips/month. You do the math if... View Article

How We Traded This March – Almost 1000 Pips profit

April 2, 2016

To be more exact, +999 pips booked this March, and the structure of our trades can be found below. Come and join us. Technical analysis at its best. Capital Properties FX 2.04.2016