forex trading signals

How does our Forex Trading Signals Work?

Each and every time we take a trade we announce it per email. Moreover, we do the same per Twitter: @capital_fx. Make sure you push your mail and Twitter notifications ON. We use Twitter because it travels faster than emails most of the times.

How Many Trades to Expect?

Anywhere between 30-50 trades per month.

Do you Update Levels?

Yes, every day during the trading sessions and at the New York close. You'll receive an email with Active Trades and Levels at the end of each trading day.

Do You Trade at Market or Use Pending Orders as Well?

Usualy, we make a trading plan before major economic releases and place pending orders. However, we trade mostly at market.

Do You Use Recurring Subscriptions

No, it expires with the period. If you want to continue, you'll have to subscribe again.

Why Use Twitter?

Twitter is a great place to keep in touch. Also, to stay updated with the latest fundamental releases in this ever-changing world. The fastest way to react is to send any relevant info first on Twitter. We always sent an email announcing a new trade or the closing of an old one. Our Twitter feed is full of Forex trading tips as well.

Can You Give a Trade Example?

Check below:
"Going LONG EURUSD 1.0632 with 1.0560 stop loss and 1.0799 take profit. Analysis to be posted.
Capital Properties FX"
After we send the forex trading signals, we instantly announce on Twitter. Therefore, the signal will reach you. We then upload the chart and the analysis on the website. You can check it and see the reason why we went long or short

Why Should I be a Premium and Not a Standard Subscriber?

Premium members have access to the bigger picture. Over the weekend we analyze currency pairs on the bigger time frames. This info is more valuable for our Swing trading signal.

How to Keep up with the Changes on Capital Properties FX?

By subscribing to our free Newsletter. We send regular emails with things that happen on Capital Properties FX and on Capital Properties Group.

What Currency Pairs You Use for Forex Trading Signals?

Classical majors like EURUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY as well as some crosses. We monitor over 15 currency pairs and pick the ones that offer the biggest reward possible.

Is There a Maximum Number of Trades Open at the Same Time?

Usually we have around 5-8 full open trades but most of the times we're well below 5.

Is there a Money Management System that Works Best with Your Signals?

We recommend trading 0.1 lots on a full position of a 5000$ account. Use proportions for bigger or smaller accounts.

What Trading Sessions Do You Cover?

We cover all trading session. However, most of the trading takes place during London and New York sessions as then is when the market moves.

What is the Time Horizon of a Trade?

This depends very much on the currency pair and the time frame. Expect anywhere between an hour and a few weeks. On average we don't keep trades longer than 1-2 weeks with most closing within days.

How About Your Performance?

Check the Homepage for the performance charts. For detailed transactions list, send an email to info@capitalpropertiesfx.com.

What if I Want to Learn How to Become a Trader?

Check details here: here and for a quote send an email to capitalpropertiesfx@gmail.com

What if I Still Need More Info?

Contact us with any inquiry at capitalpropertiesfx@gmail.com