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March 1, 2017
forex performance

Capital Properties FX Forex performance since the service was launched thirty-eight months ago reached over +550% pips profit after February 2017 ended. To be more exact, +575.16% return for our members during this period.

Fx trading is not a straight line, as all traders know. Actually, Forex winners are a rarity among retail traders. This is not because they lack the desire to succeed or ambition!

It is simply related to other factors that influence Forex performance: human nature (patience, greed, fear), lack of time to do a proper analysis, lack of knowledge, limited capital, adverse conditions, unfair broker representation...and the list can go on.

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What Makes Capital Properties FX Different?

Our approach is unique, no doubt about it. These are not just words, but pure reality.

In thirty-eight months, a lot can happen. And it did. From fundamental events to technical patterns on the bigger time frames, things come and go and currency pairs are moving accordingly.

However, not only that we survived, but made the most out of our Forex charts. How come?

Patience and Discipline - Key for Forex Performance

Technical analysis is the main reason why we open or close a trade, but we do consider fundamental analysis too. A mix between the two is a must for anyone looking for consistent Forex performance.

A look at the performance chart at the start of this article tells why our fx signals make a difference among other signal providers. We're consistent because we're focusing and medium-term analysis while considering the time needed for targets to be reached.

If that is not happening, the trade is closed. Just like that!

When time is confirming a pattern, things become even more interesting. It puts a seal on our Elliott Waves count and that is the base for future trading. Rarely we're wrong after time confirms a pattern - this is when Forex performance is being seen in our subscriber's fx trading accounts.

Forex Education

We're offering a Forex mentoring program for the ones willing to put the hours and learn Forex trading. Believe it or not, this is a great way for us to stay up-to-date with the latest moves in the market, and always be proactive.

A proper Elliott Wave forecast considers both time and price and the only way to make it on the long run is to consistently update the charts. Our Private Mentoring subscribers know this very well.

How Can Anyone Benefit?

If all these are difficult to believe and if results are too good to be true, simply subscribe for our Basic package. For as little as $77.99 you can have access to ALL our trades in a month.

Beside this, you'll find out when we trade, why, our analysis, the reasons for opening or closing a trade, plus all the market psychology that one needs to consider every trading day.

Full Performance Chart

The chart below shows how we've performed for the last thirty-eight months. Trading goes like life goes: it has its ups and downs, but in the end, it is important for the account to grow.

Forex performance

We've managed to do that on a constant basis, and if one considers that over ninety percent of retail traders (sad but true!) are losing money on the long term, then we're really proud of this achievement.

How to do it?

Avoid overtrading. Only because markets are opened, it doesn't mean you should take a trade.

Avoid correlated trades. Trading in the same direction on multiple pairs with a common currency is like taking multiple trades on the same currency pair. This leads to overtrading, and overtrading leads to losses.

Money management. Forex performance is strongly related to a sound money management system. While this sounds fancy (and most of the times is!), look for a set of rules you're comfortable with and follow them no matter what.

Take the market as it is. Don't try to understand the logic behind some moves, as most of the times there is none.

Trade only what you know. Brokers offer tens of products, from currency pairs to commodities and indices. Stick to your core strength, focus on a handful of currency pairs and constantly update charts and evolution.stick to the bigger time frames. Not the monthly charts, but daily and weekly ones will keep you safe from intra-day/week swings.


Here are 3 things you can do:

- trade as you did before and keep looking for the holy grail (surprise - there is none!)
- learn Forex trading (come and join our Private Mentoring program - request a quote HERE)
- come and join our Forex signals service. For as little as $77.99 you'll have access to ALL our trades.

Financial trading is not for everyone. But for the ones that want to make a profit while learning at the same time, Capital Properties FX is here.

Come and join us! Technical analysis at its best!

Capital Properties FX
March 1, 2017

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