3 Years of FX Signals

March 13, 2017
fx signals

Last December saw the fx signals service on Capital Properties FX celebrating three years of existence. 2016 proved to be a good year, with almost 30% in profit for our subscribers.

In pips terms, for the three years of service trading with Elliott Waves analysis, we're up 13098 pips. For the ones that are in for a little math exercise, here are some details: that's an average of 4366 pips/year or 363 pips/month.

Month in, month out, for thirty-six months, we averaged a nice number, making our fx signals service one of the best in the market. This comes as a result of hard work and discipline, passion for financial trading, attention to details, and a sound money management plan.

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The Road to Success - FX Signals Service Story

In Forex trading, retail traders have slim chances to survive. Statistically, over ninety percent of Forex retail traders are losing their first deposit in the first six months of trading.

This is the main reason why Capital Properties FX swing trading service was launched thirty-eight months ago: to help the retail trader survive these markets and make a profit in the meantime. Of course, we're not running a charity here, for this, a fx subscription needs to be paid.

Detailed Transactions List

To be a member of the Capital Properties FX trading community, one has to choose from various packages we offer. Depending on the package, access to various types of analysis (short/medium/long-term) is granted.

However, ALL members of this fx signals service have access to ALL of our trades. No matter if Basic, Standard, Premium or Platinum...every member receives our signals.

Here is the detailed transactions list for ALL three years of existence:



At the end of a trading day, active trades and levels are sent per email to all our members, so that there is no way not to be updated with the latest changes. Transparency is the key for a successful fx signals service.

We strive for transparency. While we cannot publish the detailed transactions list at the end every month, as it contains information about our Forex trading direction, the list is updated after every two or three months.

It is only fair for our current subscribers. The ones who like to check how our transactions are looking like, feel free to consult that link above. All 13098 pips profit are there!


Is there a secret in knowing how to trade Forex for best results? If there is one, consistency is part of it.

Not consistent profitability, but consistent analysis and money management system. These, in turn, will lead to consistent profitability.

Here's how we wrapped up 2016:

Wrapping up 2016 - 30.12.2016 from Capital Properties FX on Vimeo.

The Truth Behind Numbers

Here's our subscription plan for the fx signals to be received:

fx signals

And here's our 38-month performance:

fx signals

Now let's run some numbers. For 363 pips/month on average, on a $1/pip scenario, there's $363 to be made. Our minimum subscription price is $77.99/month for the Basic package.

How about a $5/pip scenario? Or $10?

As a Forex trading tip, the size of an account is important for the money management system that is going to be used. Our performance, as it can be seen in the chart above, is calculated on a $5000 account, with $1/pip on average.

The outcome is more than enough to cover the subscription cost, and anything bigger than that size should be reflected in a bigger profit. Math is ruthless, that is for sure!

Monthly Number of Trades

On average, we take between 1 and 1.5 trades/day. Therefore, everyone has access to them and time to place them.

There are days we simply are not taking any trade, and days when we are actively involved. This is normal if you think of the fact that we are technical traders first, and fundamental ones second.

Markets need a reason to move, and this is fundamental. Combining the two means to have a profitable fx signals strategy in place.

We're using price and time when we make an Elliott Wave forecast and not hiding anything. Traders willing to learn how to trade Forex, come to us for learning how to become a trader.

It is possible to learn that, make no mistake! Moreover, of all the traders that went through our Forex Mentoring program, all of them are active traders and trade for a living. ALL of them!

Moving Forward

As we're well into 2017 and the fx signals service is well in place and trusted, it is time to move forward. As part of Capital Properties Group, the Forex swing trading is only a part of an ambitious plan we have.

For us, it was mandatory to have an established service before we can move forward. Now that this is in place, we are ready to work on launching other products.

What to Expect From Us?

Expect a Forex scalping trading signal service, a Gold trading signal service, options backed currency trading service, a Dow Jones trading service and much more. Including Auto Trading!

To keep in touch, here's our Newsletter to join. This way, you'll be updated will all the new things we've working on.

Until then, happy trading everyone!

Capital Properties FX
March 13, 2017

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