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Wrapping up 2016
Package Features Basic Standard Premium Platinum
trade recommendations - you'll receive fx trading signals per email and Twitter via @capital_fx handle, containing entry, stop loss and take profit levels; yes yes yes yes
all recommendations updated on Twitter via @capital_fx handle fo real-time coverage when needed; yes yes yes yes
at the end of the North American session,  you'll receive an Active Trades and Levels email containing fx trading signals with open positions and pending orders, if any; yes yes yes yes
technical analysis - (1-2 charts/day explaining the trades taken, short/medium term analysis, up to daily chart, announced on Twitter via @capital_fx handle when posed on website); yes yes yes yes
one daily 10-minute long video analysis explaining the open trades, why we insist on a specific setup, what to look for, etc. Check the sample recording on top of this page; no yes yes yes
release time for the video analysis - between London session's start and early New York's opening; no yes yes yes
detailed explanations of trading setups; no yes yes yes
two daily 10-minute long video analysis with trading setups and what to expect; no no yes yes
release time for the video analysis - between  New York's opening and after London session's end; no no yes yes
two video analysis with medium/long term view, released over the weekend. One on Saturday the other one on Sunday. Here is where we explain the bigger picture and the focus on the week to come; no no yes yes
12 one - on - one sessions, 1h long, held on Skype. We share screens, answer trading related questions and offer future guidance; no no no yes
* for more details regarding our service, please check our FAQ page
One month
Three months
Six months
Yearly plan no no no
All prices are in USD
Fx Trading

From our clients

Joseph K.

Let me just start by saying this mentorship program is one of the best if not the BEST, and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about trading, even for those of you who are successful. Though I had several years of trading experience as an institutional trader, I always felt that my approach and perspective in trading was limited and I was eager to broaden it. That’s when I turned to Mircea, the owner of Capital Properties Fx because I considered him one of the best in Elliot Wave approach after having had been a member of his service for several months and part of his success myself. So, you ask me if I am satisfied with the program? It is been now almost half a year after the completion of the program, not only it enriched my trading knowledge but I have not had one single losing month and very profitable, in which I struggled to do. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mircea for his wonderful program and anyone who is serious about trading like myself, do not hesitate. It is worth every penny.


As a forex trader I recommend this service to every person in the forex market. Mircea the owner of the company is a very friendly and helpful person. He explains everything very detailed when providing a signal.
This service has nothing to do with all other service providers that they use martingale or hedging. Mircea is a really professional trader and mentor as well. He knows the market very well and one thing that I admire on him is that he knows how to avoid false signals. It's very important for a trader to know when to get in and when to get out of a trade.
Finally I would like to advise all those with 20 and 30 years of experience in the forex market to take this course!!!! You will not regret it.


for god's sake, don't change a thing.

Brilliant trading so far, even though I'm only a sub since 3 days.

Many traders seem to fail to grasp the idea that 10x1 is the same as 1x10, if you know what I mean.

Thank you, and keep it up!


Just want to say how very glad I am to be a member of your service as your trades are excellent.


Enjoying the ride with you!!.. profits in the house!!

Congratulations for this amazing performance!!! Enjoying every Pip of it!!.

Hope to keep learning day by day!!

Great work!

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