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Road Towards Globalization: CETA

October 15, 2016

Globalization is a word that can spark a huge discussion these days as the subject itself is relatively touchy. Some say that it’s the only way the world’s economy can move forward, and then there’s the other side that claims the opposite. Taking into the account some recent developments, it’s... View Article

US Exporters and Strong USD

February 1, 2015

While the Eurozone is struggling with all sorts of problems, the United States on the other hand is doing very well. Last Friday we all witnessed that the 4th quarter growth in US was a healthy 2.6%. Clearly it is lower than previous quarter 5% but nevertheless, there is no... View Article

How we traded the USDCAD on the previous week – both targets reached

March 31, 2014

Below is our analysis on the usdcad last week as our members received it. Booked nice profits on this one. Capital Properties FX 31.03.2014 Placing pendings to go short usdcad pair at 1.1139 with stop loss at the end of the small contracting triangle there at 1.1212 and with two... View Article