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4th Quarter is All About the FED

October 7, 2015

The last quarter of 2015 is most likely going to be fairly volatile. We still have the possibility that the FED will act some time before the end of the year, even though lately it seems rather unlikely. Some analysts speculate that there will be QE4 and/or NIRP before anything... View Article

Another Sell-Off in Euro ?

September 4, 2015

Euro is lower across the board and is quietly consolidating yesterday’s losses. The sell off that was triggered by Mario Draghi’s comments on Euro area worsening economic conditions was somewhat weaker than the Euro bears hoped because the EURUSD exchange rate dropped only by 110 pips. Futhermore, so far there... View Article

Greece Debt, BIS and PBOC

June 28, 2015

After a fairly uneventful trading week everything suddenly changed on Saturday, when Greece’s prime minister Mr. Tsipras announced the snap elections to let Greece citizens decide on how they should proceed with the debt negotiations. Furthemore, People’s Bank of China (PBOC) again lowered its interest rates to stimulate the economy... View Article

Preparing for the Summer Trading

June 21, 2015

June is almost over and I must admit, that we’ve seen a lot of action this month but sooner or later, summer trading conditions will kick in and price movements will become smaller and slower than they are during normal trading days. However, this summer may turn out to be... View Article

Grexit & Dovish FED

June 19, 2015

In the beginning of the week, every trader out there had two main questions written down on his or hers notebook: what the FED will do and how the Greece debt drama will end, if it ever ends. Today, I think it is safe to say, that one of those... View Article

US Exporters and Strong USD

February 1, 2015

While the Eurozone is struggling with all sorts of problems, the United States on the other hand is doing very well. Last Friday we all witnessed that the 4th quarter growth in US was a healthy 2.6%. Clearly it is lower than previous quarter 5% but nevertheless, there is no... View Article