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3 Reasons To Use Elliott Waves in Forex Trading

February 11, 2017
elliott waves

Trading is a difficult job and it’s not suitable for everybody. In many cases, people start looking into the markets in hopes to earn easy money. Unfortunately for them, the outcome is most likely going to be the opposite. The main reason why the opposite happens is very simple –... View Article

Our April 2015 eur jpy technical analysis and recommendation

May 12, 2015

This April we were looking for the eurjpy to print higher as a result of technical analysis that you can see below as well as the fact that the usdjpy pair was really bullish from our point of view. It turned out the cross pushed higher on the back of... View Article

How we traded USDCHF to the downside almost 2 weeks ago

April 16, 2014

Went short at market usdchf as planned actually all last week and now we have some good levels...targeting 61.8% when compared with the first five waves structure to the downside prior to this flat. Levels where sent per email and are on the chart above as well. Capital Properties FX... View Article

How our AUDUSD analysis looked like more than one week ago

April 10, 2014

Here is what we said about the audusd quite some time ago and today we had the 0.9447 area touched. In the meantime we cancelled the pending to go short, not because the setup is not valid anymore, but because we are hunting a better entry. Below is the original... View Article

How we traded the USDCAD on the previous week – both targets reached

March 31, 2014

Below is our analysis on the usdcad last week as our members received it. Booked nice profits on this one. Capital Properties FX 31.03.2014 Placing pendings to go short usdcad pair at 1.1139 with stop loss at the end of the small contracting triangle there at 1.1212 and with two... View Article

Our Analysis on EURGBP two weeks earlier – targets reached in the meantime – 27.03.2014

March 27, 2014

Below is our two weeks old analysis on EURGBP pair, with the reasoning for the trade and recommendation for our members. Above you can see what the actual price did. Capital Properties FX 27.03.2014 A combo analysis on the eurgbp cross and while we are having an active trade there,... View Article