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Euroarea 2016 Forecast

November 9, 2014

Last week all eyes were on ECB and Mario Draghi in hope for more information regarding the possible QE program. In general, ECB didn’t deliver and all the QE supporters were left with empty handed, however this does not mean that the option is off the table. As Mr. Draghi... View Article

How our AUDUSD analysis looked like more than one week ago

April 10, 2014

Here is what we said about the audusd quite some time ago and today we had the 0.9447 area touched. In the meantime we cancelled the pending to go short, not because the setup is not valid anymore, but because we are hunting a better entry. Below is the original... View Article

Road To Deflation

March 31, 2014

Lately the ECB press conferences have been very similar. Mr. Draghi reads out the statement using exactly the same sentences as last time and the journalist ask exactly the same questions. Trying to find something new there is almost the same as trying to find the differences in Johnny Bravo’s... View Article