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Emerging Markets And The FED

June 12, 2015

„I don’t think that the IMF is worried about the US economy but instead, they are worried about the emerging market economies as these markets are under heavy pressure, because of the USD strength.“ This is what I wrote four days ago and today, I can say in full confidence,... View Article

US Dollar Bulls Have Left the Building?

April 17, 2015

USD is lower across the board this week and especially against the Canadian Dollar. Could it be that this is the beginning of the long waited Dollar correction or perhaps the whole Dollar rally proves to be corrective itself and now we are just turning around to continue the real... View Article

FOMC Minutes and the US Dollar

November 17, 2013

FOMC Minutes are due this week and that will be the main event markets will focus on. In between the actual FOMC meeting that was taking place two weeks ago and the minutes to be released we had the future to be Charwoman of the Fed Ms. Yellen testifying in... View Article