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Forex Trading Expectations

December 6, 2016
forex trading expectations

Forex trading expectations vary from trader to trader and they depend very much on each individual's trading style. Scalpers are having a very short-term horizon in mind for their trades, swing traders are having a moderate time perspective, while investors are looking for the bigger picture and calibrate their trading... View Article

Pips Performance – 2016 First Three Quarters Detailed Performance

November 15, 2016
pips profit

The first three-quarters this year were difficult for forex traders but Capital Properties FX managed to make some nice pips profit. While the overall performance since the service was launched is shown on the Homepage (www.capitalpropertiesfx.com), this is the detailed transactions list: https://1drv.ms/x/s!Al62Q9XV010QgYkVlOcir1sUMnr4VQ In other words, all the trades we... View Article

How We Traded This December 2015

December 30, 2015

Hi there, Here we are, today we closed our last trades for 2015 and we can call it a year. And what a year it was! 2015 brought no more, no less than +7363 pips profit for our members, making it a +94.13% increase when compared with 2014. Below is... View Article

August 2015 Performance On Capital Properties FX

September 8, 2015

August is behind us and what a summer month it was. Not only that we broke the 1000 pips mark again, but we went almost into breaking the record for the best trading month. We ended August with no more, no less than +1857 pips profit and ending the month... View Article

June 2015 Performance

July 2, 2015

Hi there, June 2015 is behind us and despite tough conditions from Greece and all, we managed to pull a nice performance this June too: +711 pips profit Below is the breakdown on our trades and all: Come and join us. Technical analysis at its best. www.capitalpropertiesfx.com/subscription Have a great... View Article

March 2015 Performance

April 1, 2015

Hi there, March is behind us now and it is time to look at what we did, how we did it and what can be learned from past results. If anything, it was a wild month, as right in the middle of it we were up more than 1000 pips... View Article