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September 2014 Performance On Capital Properties FX

October 1, 2014

Hi there, September being behind us, it is time to look at our performance on www.capitalpropertiesfx.com But before that, I would like to copy/paste part of the newsletter I sent on the 25th of September, called "Doing Things Differently" and tell the now famous: I told you so!!! "These are... View Article

USDCHF Target Reached – our analysis from 12.09.2014

September 25, 2014

Below is our usdchf recommendation from the 12.09.2014 with the 0.9500 target and with the original text: "As simple the pattern, as powerful: running variation of a contracting triangle for the x wave in a corrective upward trend. Minimum target to come = 0.9504 and we have the take profit... View Article

UK, Pound and Scotland

September 3, 2014

It’s not an everyday sight when Scotland has more influence over GBPUSD exchange rate than the actual (important) data out from UK but recently it happened. When the Constrution PMI was released this week, Sterling continued its decline against the USD like nothing happened, even though the data was very... View Article

How we traded the EURUSD pair on the ECB week

June 9, 2014

We all know by now ECB did a TLTRO (Targeted Long Term Refinancing Operation), but it is nothing but deception. Targeted deception. I won't go into fundamentals as our Premium members know already our view, but I want to show what we said about EURUSD one week before the ECB... View Article