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Currency Charts Real Time – U.S. Dollar on the Move

October 11, 2014
Currency Charts Real Time

Here's what happened lately with the currency charts real time. USD pushes higher against all its major counterparts. Furthermore, this happens since the beginning of Summer 2014. Aussie fell almost 900pips, Kiwi more than 1000 pips, Euro 1500 pips ( the low so far) and the Pound approximately 1200pips. And,... View Article

Forex Success Stories – What To Expect Out Of FOMC and RBNZ This Week

October 27, 2013
Forex Success Stories

What a week in front of us! The FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) in the United States and the RBNZ (Reserve Bank of Nea Zealand) will announce monetary policies statements today. We look with interest at these releases. Firstly, anything that comes out of the US brings volatility on markets.... View Article