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The Basel Committee (Part 1)

December 16, 2016
basel committee

In today’s world, the financial system is more or less the backbone of the entire global economy. If something big happens with the banks, then it affects everything and everyone. Since the financial sector is so influential, we have plenty of organizations and committees that keep a close eye on... View Article

Forex Markets Under Political Pressure

November 12, 2016

There are only seven full trading weeks left of this year. In those seven short weeks, we have plenty of high-impact events that could shape the forex markets considerably. We have the Federal Reserve’s rate decision, we have the last ECB’s press conference and of course, we have the constitutional... View Article

EURUSD – A Trapped Beast

October 27, 2016

Since the beginning of the financial crisis trading, the currency market has changed significantly. The current week is the perfect example of how major pairs tend to be very slow movers when there are no high-impact data releases on the wire. For example, the most traded pair EURUSD has managed... View Article

Trading Wisdom: When Will Traders Learn?

September 19, 2016

Let me start with something that probably all of you, traders or wannabe traders, know, or at least you should know by now: there is no holy grail in trading. It doesn't really matter what you use: fundamental or technical analysis, basic patterns or complex ones, expensive software or Bloomberg... View Article

Getting Ready for Summer Trading

May 28, 2016

“For those of us climbing to the top of the food chain, there can be no mercy. There is but one rule: hunt or be hunted.” Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey), House of Cards, 2013 Price action changes somewhat during summer months and to be honest, previous week already felt like... View Article

All Eyes on Manufacturing Data

October 13, 2015

This week is filled with high impact US data and in the end of the week we should have a fairly clear picture of the current state of the US economy. On Wednesday we have the Retail Sales, followed by inflation and manufacturing data on Thursday. I’d say the manufacturing... View Article

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