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Another Sell-Off in Euro ?

September 4, 2015

Euro is lower across the board and is quietly consolidating yesterday’s losses. The sell off that was triggered by Mario Draghi’s comments on Euro area worsening economic conditions was somewhat weaker than the Euro bears hoped because the EURUSD exchange rate dropped only by 110 pips. Futhermore, so far there... View Article

Oil, Precious Oil!

January 20, 2015

While most of the consumers around the world are enjoying lower energy and oil prices, the oil industry itself is not cheering at all. In fact, the current price level is too low for the industry in general and very soon, we should start seeing the negative side effects of... View Article

Stellar Australian Jobs

March 13, 2014

The Australian related pairs just had a nice push up overnight with the whole risk on environment being dragged up by more than positive jobs data. I mean on expectations of 15k the actual was around 43k and finally we have some relief in the bad data that was pouring... View Article