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U.S. Labor Market Looks Impressive

September 6, 2015

US Non Farm Payrolls, released on Friday, were once again close to 200K and even though, the figure came in below expectations (215K), 173 000 new jobs per month is still a superb result. On top of that, the unemployment rate edged down to 5.1 percent and most importantly, hourly... View Article

Data Dependant FED

August 7, 2015

FED has insisted everytime, since the liftoff talks began, that any kind of rate hike is data dependant but nevertheless, the market has created clear time targets, such as September & December meetings to be the potential beginnings of the new tightening cycle. In itself, those time-targets are perfectly reasonable... View Article

FED’s Rate Hike, US Quarterly GDP

July 24, 2015

Next week is going to be absolutely crucial for the USD as we have several key marco data releases that could have a significant impact on FED’s rate hike decisions. On top of that, today’s Markit Flash Manufacturing PMI from China confirmed that the slowdown there is getting more severe,... View Article

Grexit & Dovish FED

June 19, 2015

In the beginning of the week, every trader out there had two main questions written down on his or hers notebook: what the FED will do and how the Greece debt drama will end, if it ever ends. Today, I think it is safe to say, that one of those... View Article

Emerging Markets And The FED

June 12, 2015

„I don’t think that the IMF is worried about the US economy but instead, they are worried about the emerging market economies as these markets are under heavy pressure, because of the USD strength.“ This is what I wrote four days ago and today, I can say in full confidence,... View Article

US Exporters and Strong USD

February 1, 2015

While the Eurozone is struggling with all sorts of problems, the United States on the other hand is doing very well. Last Friday we all witnessed that the 4th quarter growth in US was a healthy 2.6%. Clearly it is lower than previous quarter 5% but nevertheless, there is no... View Article